Enjoy a Truly African Wing Shooting Safari

Hunt exclusively wild birds with Karoo Wingshooting Safaris in South Africa.  South Africa is gifted with wild game bird populations of which there are more than fifty bird species. More than twenty of these species are available as fair game for wing shooting in South Africa and are shot regularly. These species include Guineafowl, various Francolin (old-world partridge) species, various Spurfowl (previously referred to as Francolin) species, eight species of Doves and Pigeons, three Sandgrouse species, three Quail species, numerous Duck species as well as the Egyptian and Spurwing geese.

Karoo Wingshooting is a boutique wing shooting outfitter, perfectly geared to turn your African bird hunting safari into a great wing shooting experience. Wing Shooting Safaris take place on our exclusive shooting concessions to the benefit of the birds.  We preparing for shoots weeks before your arrival and ensure that your bird hunt takes place in the best available area. We aim to provide you and your party with a superior bird hunt as we expose you to the unfamiliar jewel African wing shooting is.

Specialising in hunting Greywing Partridge - the ultimate African game bird - over schooled English Pointers, we also offer walk up Francolin and Guineafowl shoots over pointers. Our excellent decoyed and flighted Waterfowl shoots are legendary as is our flighted Pigeon, Dove and Sandgrouse shoots. Totally wild and well-managed game birds are exclusively offered to international sportsmen and women.

"Wing shooting in Africa - an Unexposed Jewel to the International Shooting Sportsman"

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