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"Good dog work contributes immensely to client satisfaction during a bird hunt"


Karoo Wingshooting runs a family of English Pointers. These pointers are used exclusively to hunt, point and retrieve Greywing Partridge in the highlands of the Eastern and Western Cape Provinces. These pointers can range far ahead of the guns to find the scattered Greywing coveys. All our dogs are experienced and well schooled to ensure client satisfaction.

When hunting Guineafowl and Francolin over dogs on our other concession areas, German Shorthair Pointers (GSP’s) are used almost exclusively to hunt, point and retrieve the birds.

We use Labrador Retrievers to retrieve Ducks and Geese when these birds are shot over large bodies of water.

Below is a list of our Dogs.

Apart from these Karoo Wingshooting contracts a number of other dogs and handlers that specialize in game birds occurring in our various concessions.

These dogs contribute immensely to our clients’ African Wingshooting experiences – Sadie, Laser, Ruger, Spyker, Beretta, et.al.

LadyWhelped in 2005 at Carnarvon Estates in South Africa, she has a strong Carnarvon Estates blood line but her dam was an English Pointer from Scotland.
BonnieWhelped in 2008 in South Africa, she is a full Carnarvon Estates blood line from South Africa. She is a medium runner, solid on point and an occasional retriever. She has experience on Greywing Francolin, Guineafowl, Orange River Francolin, Quail and...
AllyWhelped in 2008 in South Africa, she is a full Carnarvon Estates blood line from South Africa.
OrcaWhelped in 2018 at the Zimbo Kennel in Zimbabwe, Orca is our youngest dog at the moment.
GoogleWhelped in 2015 at Karoo Wingshooting. Google is showing great potential and follow her mother, Zimbi’s reputation.
ZimbiWhelped in 2012 at the Zimbo Kennel in Zimbabwe. Zimbi is arguably our Top Dog at the moment.

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