Hunting African Black Duck



Key Characteristics

The black plumage with conspicuous white spots on the back brownish-black head and belly, a blackish bill and yellow or orange legs should adequately identify this species. The wing speculum is blue-green edged with white.


African Black Duck are predominantly a river-dwelling species that show a preference for perennial rivers which have shallow pools and wooded banks. They rarely occur on dams or sewage ponds.

The Hunt

These ducks can be hunted over decoys from natural and man-made blinds. These ducks can be encountered on our late afternoon shoots that usually take place around impoundments. The best method to hunt these ducks is to stalk the semi-dry river courses that these ducks frequent. This is a speciality species and great endurance is necessary to bag this truly trophy duck species. Special permission to hunt this species is required from the local Department of Environmental Affairs. Depending on the time of the year you can encounter, amongst other, the following species: Egyptian & Spurwing Geese, Red-billed Teal, Southern Pochard, White-faced Duck & South African Shelduck. Parties of between 2 and 6 guns can be accommodated. Karoo Wingshooting has waterfowl concessions in excess of 15,000 hectares (37,000 acres).

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