Hunting Burchell's Sandgrouse



BURCHELL’S SANDGROUSE Pterocles burchelli

Key Characteristics

The white-spotted, rufous breast, white-spotted upper parts, white barred belly, rounded tail and the absence of a collar or breastband are diagnostic for this species. The light-grey throat of the male distinguishes it from the yellow-ochre throat of the female.


Mainly restricted to the semi-arid Kalahari regions of South Africa. Burchell’s Sandgrouse can be found in the northern regions of the Northern Cape Province, the western regions of the North West Province and the western regions of the Limpopo Province. They prefer habitat with a sandy soil mostly in association with wooded semi-arid savanna but can also be found in shrub and grassland of medium height and low density. The availability of open waterholes (not cattle troughs) is essential for their presence in an area.

Hunting Burchells Sandgrouse - South AfricaHunting Burchells Sandgrouse - South Africa

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