Hunting Crested Partridge


CRESTED PARTRIDGE (Dendroperdix sephaena)

Key Characteristics

Distinguishing characteristics are the dark crown with a contrasting white facial stripe, reddish-brown-streaked chest and white to yellow streaked upper feathers. The crest, although only raised when alarmed, is also diagnostic. Confined to the northern region of South Africa, Crested Partridge are one of our well-known bushveld birds with their distinctive loud call.


Crested Partridge are a true bushveld species, preferring relatively heavy woodland vegetation, especially riverine and heavy growth around koppies and termitaria. Unlike our other terrestrial gamebirds, ground cover appears to be less essential and they are often found in areas with heavy overgrazing and virtually no ground cover at all, provided the area is well wooded. Therefore, bush encroachment and the attendant lack of ground cover favours Crested Partridge with their innate tolerance of these conditions. They tend to roost at a relatively low level in trees and shrubs. Crested Partridge need to drink water daily and are thus very dependent on the availability of sources of open water.

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