Hunting Rameron Pigeon


RAMERON PIGEON (Columba arquatrix)

Key Characteristics

The distinguishing characteristics are the yellow eye-ring, conspicuous yellow legs and beak, black tail and white-spotted wings.


Predominantly a forest species, Rameron Pigeon are mostly associated with indigenous coastal or lowland forests, but can also be found in other wooded areas with relatively dense stands of tall trees such as exotic plantations, riverine forests, wooded kloofs and even urban gardens. Rameron Pigeon prefer fruit up to approximately 10 mm in diameter which they swallow whole, and will travel long distances to obtain such fruit. They also feed on tree-borne seeds and apparently have acquired a taste for the seeds of exotic trees such as pine, wattle and mulberry. Preferring to feed amongst the branches of fruit-or seedbearing trees. , they only occasionally venture onto the ground to feed on fallen fruits of low-growing shrubs and weeds.

Hunting Rameron Pigeon - South AfricaHunting Rameron Pigeon - South Africa

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