Hunting Red-Billed Francolin


RED-BILLED FRANCOLIN (Pternistis adspersus)

Key Characteristics

The distinguishing characteristics are the conspicuous yellow eye-ring, a finely barred breast and belly, grey throat and dark orange to red legs and bill. While widespread in Namibia and Botswana, Red-billed Francolin have a unique and restricted distribution in South Africa overlapping, to a limited extent, that of Swainson’s and Natal Francolin.


Red-billed Francolin are an arid savanna species, which frequent dry shrub thickets especially along the banks of dry riverbeds, gullies and erosion lines in the northern regions of the Northern Cape Province and the western regions of the North West Province. They are predominantly found along the Molopo River and its tributaries associated with the Kalahari-type sandveld areas. A known isolated population exists near Kimberley, which was apparently introduced into that area. Although an arid region inhabitant, Red-billed Francolin are seldom found far from water.

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