Hunting Red Eyed Doves


RED-EYED DOVE (Streptopelia semitorquata)

Key Characteristics

The red eye and dull red eye-ring are inconspicuous and not a pronounced distinguishing feature of Red-eyed Dove. The large size of the birds, black half-collar, the characteristically grey-tipped tail together with the dark slate-grey of the upper breast graduating to pinkish-grey on the lower breast and belly are diagnostic of Red-eyed Dove.


The habitat requirements of Red-eyed Dove appear to be relatively broad since they occur widely in South Africa wherever there is a reasonable stand of medium-sized (10 to 20 metre) trees, and permanent source of drinking water. Tree species used for nesting purposes, be they exotic or indigenous, appear to be irrelevant. Within these parameters, numbers of Red-eyed Dove seemingly vary relative to the quality and quantity of available food.

Hunting Red Eyed Dove - South AfricaHunting Red Eyed Dove - South Africa

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