Hunting Red-Necked Francolin


RED-NECKED FRANCOLIN (Pternistis afer)

Key Characteristics:

Distinguishing characteristics are the red or pink throat and face, the red bill and the bright red or orange legs. The upper parts are dark-to-light-brown but the cheeks, neck, breast and belly can vary, according to geographical location, from virtually white to dark-brown cheeks and throat while the breast and belly may vary from black to brown-streaked-whit or white-streaked-black or brown. However irrespective of the colour of the underparts or cheeks, the distinguishing red legs and bare throat should confirm their identity.


This species frequents indigenous forest and other patches of dense indigenous vegetation occurring in gorges, along riverbanks, marsh or vlei edges and frequently on escarpment slopes. It appears to prefer the ecotone areas of indigenous forest or thickets in association with moist habitats such as vleis, marshes, springs or streams. From these ecotone areas they emerge to forage in nearby clearings and cultivated lands, where they are mostly seen. They sometimes feed on cultivated lands.

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