Hunting Red-Winged Partridge


RED-WING PARTRIDGE S(cleroptila levaillantii) 

Key Characteristics:

The white throat, bordered by a narrow tawny band and the broad (>30mm) black and white collar on the front of the neck are diagnostic.  The relatively large (± 20 x 20 mm) black and white neck feathers are characteristic.  The bill is relatively large and the belly is buff, streaked with chestnut.  The wings are conspicuously rufous in flight, with rounded tips.  Red-wing Partridge are mainly restricted to open grassland in the eastern regions of South Africa.


Predominantly a high-altitude grassland species, Red-wing Partridge normally occur from about 1500 metres above sea level on open grassland, but in the Karoo and Fynbos vegetation areas they may also be found down to sea level.  In the grassland regions they prefer perennial grass of medium height and density, avoiding areas which are either overgrazed, frequently burnt or where the grass has become too tall and rank.  Underground bulbs form the bulk of their diet and the presence of these bulb-producing plants is therefore essential for sustaining large numbers of Red-wing Partridge. 

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