Hunting Namaqua Dove


Key Characteristics

The Namaqua dove has a long tail with two dark bands on the back. It is visible in flight and the conspicuous black face and breast of the male are characteristic of the smallest dove species in South Africa.


Namaqua doves have a wide habitat tolerance, evident from their distribution from Arabia all the way to Africa and Madagascar. They occur virtually throughout South Africa but are scarce or absent in some South Eastern reasons. In South Africa they show a preference for semi-arid, open savannah habitat but occur virtually wherever there are suitable shrubs for nesting. However, unlike some of the larger dove species, Namaqua doves are conspicuously absent from most towns and cities.

The Hunt

The Namaqua doves inevitably end up in the bag when targeting other dove and pigeon species.

Hunting Namaqua Dove - South AfricaHunting Namaqua Dove - South Africa

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