Bird Hunting Seasons – South Africa

The Bird Hunting seasons in South Africa vary between the different provinces.  Please bear in mind that South Africa has 9 provinces!


As a generalisation, you can follow these guidelines.

Doves & Pigeons: 1 January through 31 December (best Mar to May)
Ostrich: 1 January through 31 December
South African Shelduck: 1 January through 31 March
Burchell’s Sandgrouse: 1 January through 31 March
Double-banded Sandgrouse: 1 January through 31 March
Egyptian Geese: 1 February through 30 November (best 20 May to Aug)
Spurwing Geese: 1 March through 30 September (best Late May to Aug)
Namaqua Sandgrouse: 1 April through 15 July (best May to Jul)
Partridge (Francolin): 1 May through 31 July
Guineafowl: 1 May through 30 September (best Jun to Aug)
Ducks: 1 May through 31 August (best May to Jul)
Francolin (Spurfowl): 1 May through 31 August (best Jun to Aug)


Restricted game birds like the African Black Duck, Pygmy Goose, etc. do not have an open season, but may be shot when issued with a special hunting permit obtained from the provincial Conservation Department before the hunt commences.

Please confirm these dates when booking your bird hunting safari as the dates mentioned covers more than one province with individual shooting seasons.

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