Driven Hunting

(guineaFOWL, Francolin)

The Hunt

This is a unique and probably the best African driven hunt you will experience. On this hunt, we mimic a typical European style driven hunt with a uniquely African flavour. Guns will be strategically placed at pegs and the birds – mostly Guineafowl but also some Francolin (a type of old-world partridge) – will be driven over the line.

Sixty beaters, managed by a general and two sergeant-majors, will strategically position three lines of beaters, in a typical ox-head battle formation, in order to drive the totally wild and expertly wily birds over the line of expecting guns.

Guns can expect to experience between 5 and 8 drives per day. A typical bag may consist of 140 to 180 birds per day.

Snacks and beverages are provided during the drives. The driven hunt takes place in typical African savannah in the North-West province of South Africa.

This is not a strenuous hunt, but some level of fitness is an advantage. You will experience classic driven hunt to bag some of the most unique gamebirds in Africa.



A typical day will commence with an early morning continental breakfast after which we will depart for the day's shooting. Transportation to the shooting area will be by means of a 4WD vehicle or minivan. Shooting commence on arrival in the field until noon. After 4 to 5 drives, hearty field lunch will be served and there will be enough time given to rest.

Guns will resume the shoot after lunch to partake in another 2 to 3 drives during the afternoon. The day's shoot will be concluded with a photo session of the day's bag and some fellowship. A mouth-watering dinner will be served at night and the day's excitement will be relived around a boma fire until bedtime.


A typical Driven hunt takes place over 3 to 4 days. International sportsmen and women can combine a Driven shoot with some of our other shooting and touristic options.



This hunt happens in the Southern hemisphere’s winter and spring time! Comfortable, non-insulated ankle boots are recommended. The winter mornings and late afternoons will be cold. Spring mornings and evenings can be chilly, but the days can be warm. Dressing in layers are advisable.
A warm jacket, jersey, beanie, scarf and gloves are recommended. Sunblock, a shooting cap, eye and ear protection as well as a shooting vest is recommended for an enjoyable shoot.

Guns and Ammo

12 or 20 gauge over/under or side-by-side shotguns are recommended.

No Semi-automatic guns will be allowed on Driven hunts.

Shot in size No.5 will be supplied to visiting sportsmen.

This combination has found to be ideal for driven hunts in our areas.



As these are totally wild populations of Guineafowl and Francolin, no more than 30% of a population is harvested per annum. Guns can expect to see between 1000 and 1800 birds being driven per day and a bag of between 140 and 180 birds, depending on the number of guns and level of shooting. Groups of between 6 and 8 guns are preferred. The driven hunting season is from the late May until the 30th September. Birds are utilised by clients while on safari, while the excess are consumption by ourselves as well as the numerous beaters and their extended families.


Lodging is a comfortable safari game lodge set in typical Molopo savannah. All rooms have en-suit facilities and very comfortable beds. Rooms are serviced daily. Delectable cuisine and great Molopo hospitality can be expected. A well-stocked bar will be at your disposal.



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