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 We had an absolutely wonderful hunting trip with Tim and Andrew. I was trepidatious about bird hunting with an outfitter; worried that the experience would fall short of my hopes.

We have our own dogs and hunt extensively for upland birds in Montana, Kansas, Texas and Arizona. I was blown away with how good your dogs were.

Tim is a wonderful person who is committed to excellence and gave me and my wife more than the hunting experience we were hoping for. His dogs are superb.

He is a dedicated and serious conservationist/ great hunter who does not overhunt an area and scouts habitat ahead of the hunt. We found birds all day long; consistently getting dog work on 10-15 covies per day and many great shots.

He will hunt as hard and long as you can walk. The scenery is beautiful. Accommodations were excellent.

Great safe vehicle to travel in. This was the highlight of my trip to South Africa. We only hunted for Greywing Francolin for 3 days, but I’m certain that the other bird hunts he offers are equally outstanding.

I’d be happy to speak with any client interested in hunting with Tim. I would recommend bringing your own gun.

Hi tails,

Kevin Wheelan

"Hi Tim, what a day u guys had! Fantastic! Just wanted to thank u for your effort. Bill has hunted birds around the world, and he came back with raving reports and said it matched or was better than any bird hunt he'd been on anywhere! Brilliant! I look forward to catching up with u towards the end of the season to see if you would be interested in doing more bird hunts for us next year.

Thanks again!


“Dear Tim

Just a brief note to thank you most sincerely for a great wingshoot. As always the shooting was brilliant (even though I shot like a twit!). Please extend thanks to all involved for me as well. Next year I think we are going to do two shoots with you!

Kind Regards


“Hi Gents

 Thanks for a great week of shooting, wining and dining. Most enjoyable.

 Tim, don’t forget that Saturdays farm is for our exclusive use!



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