Wing Shooting Concessions

Karoo Wingshooting makes use of various wing shooting concession areas in South Africa to ensure that you get the best Wingshooting Safari experience.  These concession areas provide a wide variety of bird species to hunt in a variety of stunning landscapes.


Greywing Partridge are catered for at our wing shooting concessions in the Sneeuberg Mountain Range of the Eastern Cape Province.

Ducks & Geese are mostly catered for at our North Western and Eastern Cape Province wing shooting concessions.

Sandgrouse are catered for at our Kalahari & Molopo concessions.

Guineafowl are catered for at most of our wing shooting concessions.

Orange River Partridge are catered for in our Freestate concessions.

Swainsons’ and other Francolin species are catered for in our Freestate, Natal and Limpopo concessions.

Red-Necked Francolin and Coturnix Quail are catered for at our concessions in the Southern part of the Eastern Cape.

Cape Francolin are catered for in our Western Cape concessions.

High volume Pigeons & Dove shooting are shot at our Freestate concessions only, although they are available on most of our wing shooting concessions in the Eastern Cape Province in moderate numbers.


Wingshooting Concessions in South Africa - map

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