Waterfowl Shooting in South Africa

(Various Species)

The Hunt

Waterfowl is shot over decoys from natural and man-made blinds. Morning shoots are generally on cultivated pastures or recently combined maize (corn) and wheat fields. Afternoon shoots usually take place around impoundments. Bag limits are generous and a gun can expect to shoot, depending on the time of the year, between 10 and 20+ waterfowl per day. Depending on the time of the year you will encounter, amongst other, the following species: Egyptian & Spurwing Geese, Yellow-billed Duck, Red-billed Teal, Southern Pochard, Whitefaced Duck & South African Shelduck. Parties of between 2 and 6 guns can be accommodated. Karoo Wingshooting has waterfowl concessions in excess of 15,000 hectares (37,000 acres).


A typical day will commence with an early morning wake-up call. After a quick cup of coffee, rusks and toast we will depart for the morning's shoot about half an hour away. After placing the decoys around the pre-positioned blinds, shooting will commence before daybreak until roughly 10am. Snacks and beverages will be offered during the shoot. Back at the lodge, you will be entertained to a hearty brunch, with siesta time thereafter to catch up on some early morning lost sleep. 3pm will have us depart for our afternoon shoot till dusk. The shoots will conclude with a photo session of the session’s bag. Dinner will be served at 7.30 pm and the day's excitement will be relived around a comfortable fireplace until bedtime. Transportation to the shooting area will be by means of a luxury 4WD vehicle.


A typical waterfowl shoot takes place over a minimum of 2 days shooting. International guests can combine a waterfowl shoot with some of our other shooting and touristic options. Best shooting is from May to August in our main area, and between October and November at our Western Cape concession


The season range from our mid-summer through mid-winter to spring, so please inquire about recommended clothing for your shoot when booking! Real Tree, Max4 and Sniper camo is highly recommended. Dark khaki works great too. Light khaki and light clothing is to be avoided at all costs. Waterproof Wellies, or Gumboots as we locals call it, will be supplied to guns if wet, muddy conditions are to be encountered. Sunblock, a shooting cap, eye and ear protection as well as a shooting vest is recommended for an enjoyable shoot.

Guns and Ammo

12 gauge over/under shotguns are recommended.

Shot in size No.3 with a minimum of 34 grams will be supplied to visiting sportsmen.

This combination has found to be ideal for duck and geese shooting in our areas.


Geese are considered an agricultural pest as they trample valuable crops during the initial growth stage after germination. The damage a flock of a thousand geese can cause on pastures is unimaginable to uninformed outsiders. By adding value in terms of concession fees paid to landowners, Karoo Wingshooting create tolerance towards the birds from landowners. It is also seen as a protein supplement to their labour force and excess birds are distributed to impoverished local communities. These benefits deter landowners from eradicating these birds en-mass by employing insalubrious solutions to the damage causing birds. Waterfowl season is from the 1st February until the 30th September.


Our main waterfowl lodge is situated on a private wildlife conservancy. Inspired by the Karoo, brick and cut stone has been used to build this 4 bedroomed Karoo Cottage running off solar energy and gas. The lodge is tucked away in a scenic valley overlooking the seasonal Great Brak River. The Cottage is perfect for anyone looking for a few days peace in the Karoo, interrupted only by the bark of a baboon or the whistle of a Mountain Reedbuck on the mountain slopes. The Cottage consists of 2 double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and 2 twin bedrooms with a shared bathroom, sleeping a total of 8. There is an open plan kitchen and living area featuring amongst other, an open fire place that heats up the entire cottage to a warm, homely feeling. Typical Karoo cuisine is served and the usual great hospitality will be offered.

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